F. J. Duarte, Tunable Laser Optics, 2nd Edition (CRC, New York, 2015)

ISBN: 9781482245295

Tunable Laser Optics, 2nd Edition: 171 figures, 44 tables, 746 equations, 72 problems, and 546 archival references in 323 pages, in press.


F. J. Duarte, Tunable Laser Optics (Elsevier Academic, New York, 2003)

ISBN: 0-12-222696-8

Tunable Laser Optics includes 134 figures, 34 tables, 547 equations, 52 problems, and 435 archival references in 272 pages. Detailed solutions to the problems will be made available, in PDF form, to professors and faculty using Tunable Laser Optics as a textbook. Please e-mail if you are interested.

A list of corrections, for the readers of Tunable Laser Optics, is available in PDF form.



"Tunable Laser Optics is a well-organized and well-written book that was conceived for very practical purposes. It serves as a handbook but is actually much more than that... The author first establishes a good mix of the physical theory and then discusses the details and design considerations for tunable laser optics systems. The reader gains great insight and understanding into... tunable laser optics. I enjoyed the book and commend F. J. Duarte on another addition to his already impressive resume in optical science."

D. Finsmith, Optics & Photonics News 16 (7), 62 (2005).

"The use of Dirac's notation for the calculation of the interference and diffraction effects of the tuning elements proves an elegant and powerful technique for designing tunable laser systems. The complete coverage of the technical area and the easy readable writing style of the author will ensure that Tunable Laser Optics will be a classic reference that will be enjoyed by both students and researchers. I give Tunable Laser Optics my strongest recommendation."

T. M. Shay, in Amazon.com (December, 2003)

"The Dirac notation and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle are used to explain properties of light. This gives a solid mathematical and physical background to solve the optics problems arising in the design and construction of tunable laser optical systems... Tunable Laser Optics introduces the warfare that a student, or an experimentalist, needs to understand for the successful design and construction of tunable lasers and optical devices."

I. Olivares, in Amazon.com (November, 2003)



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