F. J. Duarte, Laser Physicist (Optics Journal, Rochester, New York, 2012)

ISBN: 978-0-9760383-1-3 (printed version)

ISBN: 978-0-9760383-2-0 (electronic version)

Laser Physicist provides a first hand account of academic politics at Australia's Macquarie University during the "revolt of the sciences" that led to the reform of its degree structure. The description then extends to academic laser research and the author's transition to the United States via a major Southern university. The author, a real life laser physicist, then offers a rare insider's view of high-power laser research at the height of the Cold War, during Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative. Laser Physicist then gives the reader an overview of industrial research in America. This is done from the vantage point of a major industrial icon, Eastman Kodak, at its pinnacle, and describes the transition of this icon towards decline and virtual oblivion. Abundant use of anecdotes, and interaction with major physics figures of the quantum era, illustrate the finer points. Academic, industrial, and wider experiences lead the author to reflect on issues of life and ethics. His thoughts on a series subjects ranging from the beauty of physics, quantum mechanics, the emergence of nanogods, to what he calls the "big question" are expressed in a series of readable short essays and sketches.

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Aldersmaston, APIA, Astronomy, AUS, Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Australian Institute of Physics, Australian Ministry of Defense, Bell’s inequalities, B.Sc., CCD, Chester Hill High School, China, Christianity, Climate change, CMOS, Coherent OLED emission, Cold War, Corruption, Cowan, Cultural revolution, Dalitz Plots, Dalitz Pairs, Digital, Dirac’s notation, Divine mathematician, Divinity, Duhamel’s Theorem, Dye laser, Dye Laser Principles, Eastman Chemical Company, Eastman’s Fine Chemicals, Eastman’s, Economics, Einstein’s special relativity, EPR paradox, Entropy, Ethics, Extraterrestrial life, Femtosecond laser, Feynman Lectures on Physics, Film, Fourier theory, Fuji Film, Future, Gulag, H-bomb, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Hewlett-Packard, Higgs boson, High power dye lasers, High Power Dye Lasers, Iaido, Imaging, Imaging and Spectral Measurements, Indistinguishable photons, Inkjet printer, Interferometer, Interferometric equation, Interferometric Optics, Interferometry, Ising Model, Kodak bankruptcy, Laser conferences, Laser dye, Laser guide star, Laser isotope separation, Laser microscopy, Laser printers, Laser pulse compression, Laser oscillator, Laser research, Lewisham, Lorentz’s transformations, Macquarie B. Sc., Macquarie University, Maxwell’s equations, Measurement business, Medicine, Medpolymer Institute, Metal-halide lasers, MICOM, Moss Vale, Multiple-prism beam expander, Multiple-prism dispersion theory, Multiple-prism grating laser oscillator, Multiple-prism near-grazing-incidence grating oscillator, N-slit interferometer, N-slit interferometric equation, Nano, Nanogods, Nanoparticle gain medium, Negative entropy, Optical Society of America, Optics, Opticks, Pam-Am, Patents, Pentagon, Photodynamic therapy, Photographic Research Laboratories, Photography, Photon, Planck’s energy, Polarization rotator, Prism pulse compression, Quantum electrodynamics, Quantum mechanics, Quantum interpretation, Quantum notation, Quantum optics, Quantum probability amplitude, Raytheon, Reality, Religion, Renormalization theory, Reorganization, Ruggedized narrow-linewidth dye laser oscillator, Samurai, Santiago, School of Mathematics and Physics, Scientifically challenged, SDI, Single photon interference, Soccer, Solid-state organic laser, Special relativity, Standard Model, Strathfield, Students for a Science Degree (SSD), Sydney, Transformation, Tunable Laser Applications, Tunable Laser Handbook, Tunable Laser Optics, Tunable lasers, Tunable laser oscillator, Uncertainty principle, Uranium, Ward Identities


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